Numerical Simulations
AR Visualizations

Fluid Dynamics & Structural Mechanics Numerical Simulations

  • Fluid Dynamics (Indoor & Outdoor)
  • Aerodynamics & Aero Design
  • Multiphase newtonian/non-newtonian Flows
  • Particle Dynamics
  • Combustion, Conjugate Heat Transfer, Heat Management
  • HVAC Thermal Comfort
Multiphase Particle Swirler

Particle Dynamics in AR in a 3D-Printed Particle Swirler

Combustion Chamber (Turbulent Injection)

Combustion Chamber (3D Hologram, Digital Twin) projected on an arbitrary surface

Beam FEM Stress Analysis of in AR

Static and dynamic FEM analysis of a beam rendered in Augmented Reality. Ansys, Vuforia and ARFlow GUI (developed in Unity) are used. Simulations performed for academic purposes by Leap Australia​

BMW Z3 External Aerodynamics in AR

Computational Fluid Dynamics of a BMW Z3 Model projected in Augmented Reality on a real toy model of the same car. Streamlines, Cross sections planes and iso-surfaces of vorticity (relative velocity contoured) perfectly overlap the real model. Simulation performend with Star CCM+ CFD Software. Vuforia as Augmented Reality SDK and UNITY 3D as game engine. Specific routines have been developed in UNITY 3D to allow the time frames to be sequentially animated and to correctly overlap the real car model​

Why Augmented Reality

There are several advantages in investing in AR:

What is ARFlow

ARFlow is an App built in Unity3D game Engine dedicated to Smart Devices. ARFLow is developed primarily for Android Devices, although iOS and Windows Hololens have also been tested. Simulations to be rendered must be run in advance and export files processed for Unity.

The advanced and optimized workflow allows the engineers to move from the computational software to smart devices in less than 30min., processing about 1000 frames (time steps).

Three basic steps are requested the users to accomplish: