Augmented Reality refers to the technology that enables users to place virtual content (text or 2D/3D Elements) in the real environment.

Overlaying or simply projecting virtual content on the reality, augments the reality by enhancing the level and the amount of information that would be normally available.

ARFlow is an Application developed for smart devices dedicated to augmenting reality with virtual content and information obtained from numerical analysis.

By means of specifically developed scripts, ARFlow can virtually process any type of numerical data from virtually any computational software.

ARFlow is built with Unity3D Game Engine and the ARCore SDK.

Immersive Experience & Encrypted Data

Smart Devices allow any user to experience the blending between virtual and real.

By means of the SLAM algorithm implemented in ARCore SDK, the user can walk and turn 360° in the Simulation placed in the real environment through any Smart Device.

Data are safely and uniquely encrypted in any Augmented Reality App based on the current standard SDKs and Software.

Sharing data in Augmented Reality is the safest way to share interactive 3D scientific data: it is not possible to reverse engineering the app to retrieve specific data of the stored simulations.