Formula 4 (F4) Racing Car CFD data in Augmented Reality (2017)

A Formula 4 (F4) car is augmented with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) data obtained with 3 different Software (OpenFOAM, Cradle and Star CCM+). Both Cradle and Star CCM+ gave very similar Results (RANS) while OpenFOAM (LES) required a considerable amount of time. For this Reason the OpenFOAM’s results are neither included nor presented in this work. We chose to render in AR only the results from Cradle-CFD. The CFD Simuation is a RANS k-omega at 200km/hr. VUforia and Unity3D are respectively used as the Augmented Reality SDK and the game engine. You can download the files (including the STL of the racing car) from: